August / September 2014 theme

“I won’t eat any cereal that doesn’t turn the milk purple.”
Calvin of Calvin & Hobbes

Get ready to embrace your inner child because this August/September Loopdeloop teams up with Nickelodeon for the theme of CHILDHOOD.

“SAY WHAAAAAT!?!” Yes, that was your inner child peeing themselves with excitement. LoopdeLoop are also super excited to be collaborating up with one of our CHILDHOOD icons. With a rich history of championing artist-driven shows and shorts, Nickelodeon’s sponsorship is the first ever network support of a LoopdeLoop event. As an extra special treat for our L.A based Loopers, Nickelodeon will be opening their doors in the evening of the 3rd of October for an outdoor screening of Loopdeloop & more!

So kids – Crack out the crayons! Grab some food that is shaped like animals! Throw a tantrum in the supermarket! Make an animation that loops and send it on in to us to relive the joyful years of waking up early to watch cartoons on a Saturday morning and catching your favorite ‘toons after school.

The submission rules are simple;

  • it must be made by you,
  • it must suit the month’s theme,
  • it must be engaging,
  • it must be submitted in one of our specified formats,
  • it must not contain pornographic material, incite hatred or include defamatory or discriminatory content,
  • it has to loop!

Selected loops will be posted within five days of submission for everyone to enjoy, comment and rate. All posted loops will screen at Loop in Melbourne on Tuesday September 29th from 8:00pm, at Nickelodeon studios in L.A on Friday October 3rd (more details TBA), Adelaide TBA & Sydney TBA.

Submissions close at 11:30pm on the 21st of September 2014 in your timezone.

Visit our submissions page for more details on format and content restrictions.