Feb / March 2015 theme

“You can’t blame gravity for falling in love.”
Albert Einstein

This month we asked for theme suggestions and got dangerously close to BUTTS being the most popular idea, until Brent Sievers’ GRAVITY suggestion crashed in!

Gravity eh? If this doesn’t pull you in, nothing will. There’s plenty of possibilities from heavy sagas to light entertainment, and it’s be a great opportunity to play with physics in your animation. Don’t let the gravity of the situation weigh you down, float off into your head-space and see where it takes you!


The submission rules are simple;

  • it must be made by you,
  • it must suit the month’s theme,
  • it must be engaging,
  • it must be submitted in one of our specified formats,
  • it must not contain pornographic material, incite hatred or include defamatory or discriminatory content,
  • it has to loop!

Selected loops will be posted within five days of submission for everyone to enjoy, comment and rate. All posted loops will screen at:
Knox St Bar in Sydney on Tuesday March 31st at 7:00pm,
Loop in Melbourne on Tuesday March 31st from 8:00pm,
The Jade Monkey in Adelaide at a date and time to be announced,
Nerdist Showroom in L.A at a date and time to be announced
and at Hangar 56 in Paris at a date and time to be announced.

Submissions close at 11:30pm on the 22nd of March 2015 in your timezone.

Visit our submissions page for more details on format and content restrictions.