PLAY screening wrap up

Lots of things have been happening over the past month, with even more to come! Our June theme was PLAY, sponsored by the super friendly folks at Wheelbarrow. We received a great number of ‘child-friendly’ submissions, everything from a blind duck milking muscular nipples to a middle aged fat bloke playing with puppets in the bath. In the end New York based animator Evan Borja was declared the winner by the audience for his magnificent Tech Deck loop!

Our July theme is ELEMENTS, as LoopdeLoop is taking part in the Gertrude Street Projection Festival. For 10 nights at over 20 locations, buildings, lane ways, footpaths and even tree trunks will be lit up with site-specific, curated projections based on the theme Elements. Work your way through the periodic table, explore the four elements of nature or even go after that elusive fifth element. Run with it, embrace and animate the elements of life.

Along with our regular screening at Loop Bar, we’ll also be holding a special Gertrude Street Projection Festival screening at The Wilde Bar on Thursday
July 26th at 6pm. Titled ‘In De Loop’, the night promises to include drink specials, prizes, many friendly faces and most importantly animated loops!

Also, in the near future our anniversary screening will begin screening on regular rotation on the massive public Perth Cultural Centre and Sydney Concourse screens, with monthly screenings to follow on these and the Fed Square screen!
It looks like LoopdeLoop is set to conquer Australia!

A whole bunch of mingling minglers.

Skating and abstraction, together at last!


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