HISTORY screening wrap up

September 2012 should be remembered as the time when animators from all around the world came together to make HISTORY!
well… history themed loops…
It’s the same thing!

There was a great turnout at the screening which was hosted in a smartly casual fashion by the one and only Simone Bennett. During the show the crowd were treated to various history lessons, ranging from epic journeys through time to tiny frozen moments which are doomed to be relived over and over again.

This months finalists were both international;
Jose Juan Siller from Mexico, with his loop about the scientific discovery and repeated taste-testing of LSD, and RAÍZ Motion Design from Spain, with a surreal journey through the endless rise and fall of civilisations. After a show of hands the Spaniards came out on top and have taken their place in history as LoopdeLoop winners! Thanks to MADMAN Entertainment, who once again provided a great bunch of animation DVDs for our finalists!

October is going to be an exciting month as we team up with Pause Digital Festival for the theme of FUTURE, and we’ll also be running a series of drawing nights to make a massive new collaborative dance-off viral LoopdeLoop thing! EXCITING!!
Follow the links in our sidebar to the theme or dance-off pages for more details.

Fancy baths, dinosaurs and executioners, what more could you ask for!

RAÍZ Motion Design’s winning loop brought the city to it’s knees!


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