MAD screening wrap up

In honour of August’s theme of MAD, the submissions form on our site decided to get wacky and collapse at the critical moment! We fixed the problem and a veritable flood of loops came pouring through. After a sleepless night of compiling, thirty insane and angry loops were unleashed at the Loop screening by a mentally unstable committee member! Megan Nairn graciously stepped in to host and kept Neil safely locked away in the projection booth to everyone’s relief.

The MAD theme was chosen in honour of our new ongoing sponsorship from MADMAN Entertainment, who provided a swag of brilliant animation DVDs as prizes for our finalists. This month it came down to a choice between a frothing dead horse by Timothy Jeffs, and a man with mustachioed starfish delusions by Noam Sussman. Our audience couldn’t resist the lure of a squealing starfish, and Noam was crowned as our first ever Canadian winner!!

September’s theme is HISTORY, and you have our permission to spend the whole month living in the past. Check out our theme page for more details.

A sleepless insane madman running the projection booth at the screening.

Runner-Up Timothy Jeff’s with proof that there’s no need to flog a dead horse,
they can walk just fine on their own!


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