LIQUID screening wrap up

When it rains it pours, and we’ve been absolutely flooded with loops this past month. In the end we received a record sixty loops from all over the globe, and the screening was packed full of eager animators and fans, itching to soak it all in!

March’s theme was run in tribute to Liquid TV, an MTV program dedicated to featuring wild indie animation. Liquid TV has been a big inspiration to us and we’re super excited to see the program has relaunched! Many thanks go out to Anna and her team for featuring their favourite loops and providing us with wonderful prize packs of goodies for our winners!

There were a lot of interesting takes on the theme, from organised crime to cute water droplets to blood fetishes, but in the end it came down to an audience vote between urine and genetic modification.

The highest score on the blog went to Ivan Dixon’s loop about his pee shyness
at public urinals, and a massive number of votes on the blog went to Richard Osellame’s 3D loop of a droplet being manufactured into a solid cube before dropping into a pipe and changing back again.

The audience rallied in support of Ivan’s condition, declaring him the WINNER!

Leading up to the screening we opened up the opportunity for people to suggest and vote on our new theme for April. There were lots of good (and horrible) suggestions but in the end ROCK was selected as the most popular.

Looks like it’s time to turn things up to eleven and ROCK OUT OLD SCHOOL!

An immersive world of squids, flaming heros, falling and organised crime.

Nathanael hosted the event tastefully, as only a true gentleman can.

Ivan Dixon bravely confronting his pee shyness.

To see more photos of the event check out the album on our facebook page.


ivan dixon LIQUID WINNER

created in Melbourne, Australia

One in ten men suffer from pee shy. Share this video and help us raise awareness for this slightly annoying condition.

See more of Ivan’s work at

richard osellame LIQUID RUNNER-UP

created in Melbourne, Australia

A water blobby character goes through a transformation from liquid to solid
and back again.

See more of Richard’s work at