November 2012 theme

“This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper.”
T. S. Eliot

Well that might be alright for the world, but not for us! This will be our last screening for 2012 and we want to go out with a BANG!!

This month LoopdeLoop are teaming up across the globe with BANG! Short Film Festival in Nottingham, UK. All of the loops accepted before November 20 will be shown on rotation throughout the festival in the cafe/bar of the wonderful Broadway Theatre from the 23rd til the 25th of November.

Where would we be without BANG! eh? Our planet wouldn’t have come to exist as we know it, there’d be no bangers and mash just plain old mash, and if your parents hadn’t banged YOU wouldn’t even exist! Then again we’d have no guns and no nuclear weapons, which would be pretty good…
Anyway, give it a bash and see where it takes you! MAKE SOME NOISE!!

It’ll be a great chance to have a large number of people see your work and if that’s not enough to get you motivated we’ll have yet another wonderful bundle of MADMAN animation dvds for the winner and runner-up to share!

The submission rules are simple;

  • it must be made by you,
  • it must suit the month’s theme,
  • it must be engaging,
  • it must be submitted in one of our specified formats,
  • it must not contain pornographic material, incite hatred or include defamatory or discriminatory content,
  • it has to loop!

Selected loops will be posted within five days of submission for everyone to enjoy, comment and rate. All posted loops will screen on rotation in the cafe/bar at BANG! Short Film Festival in Nottingham from the 23rd til the 25th of November, then in Melbourne at Loop on Tuesday November 27th from 7:30pm.

Submissions will close at Midnight on Tuesday the 20th of November for loops to go into the BANG! Festival compilation, however we will happily continue accepting submissions until of Sunday the 25th of November and add them to our regular screening at Loop.
Please visit our submissions page for more details on format and content restrictions.

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