At LoopdeLoop we have a very broad view of animation and its possibilities.

We encourage experimentation with media, technique and narrative in the creation of your loops. The themes set each month should be considered a jumping off point for your creative expression. We happily accept entries from any part of the world, and are interested to see a mix of loops from various cultural points of view.

There is no set timeframe for your loop, it could be as short as a few frames or as long as ten thousand.


In the interests of quality control, each loop must pass an initial judgement phase before appearing on the blog. This ensures that all posted loops are engaging, well animated, submitted correctly (in one of the specified formats), run in a continuous loop and suit that month’s theme. We will complete this process within five days.

If accepted, your loop will be posted on the blog and screened on the last Tuesday of the month at Loop in Melbourne, Australia.


The only content restrictions we are placing on your loops are;

  • No sexually explicit material or porn. Non-sexual nudity is okay.
  • No videos that incite hatred or include defamatory or discriminatory content.
  • No copyright infringement. Any loops submitted which include copyright protected imagery or sound without permission will be rejected, regardless of their quality.


Files submitted must fit into one of the following three categories;

  • Video files; (.mov / .mp4)
  • Flash files; (.swf) (preferably converted to video)
  • Animated gif files; (.gif)

Video (.mov / .mp4)

All video files will be hosted directly on the LoopdeLoop site. Dimensions should be either 640 x 360 for standard definition or 1280 x 720 for high definition. Vimeo has a great reference to refer to when exporting your video.

Ensure that your loop repeats a sufficient number of times for viewing.

FLASH (.swf)

As of February 2013 we will be converting all flash submissions to video before uploading them to the site. A large proportion of our viewers are using mobile devices so it’s in all our best interests to convert to video.

We will convert your file using Swivel a fantastic .swf to video converter created by the developers at We’d love you to convert the file yourself and submit as video, but if need be you may submit files in .swf format.

Please ensure the file is either 640×360 or 1280×720 for high definition or cropping may occur in the conversion process.


animated gifs should be no wider than 640pixels and no taller than 600pixels.
It’s possible to build in a frame rate by controlling the delay on each frame.

For anyone new to gifs, Neil has recorded some tutorials.
Exporting a quality gif from Flash.
Making a gif from hand drawn artwork.

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