The silly season got a whole lot sillier at Federation Square last night as we celebrated 2012, the Year of the Loop!!

Daniel Atkinson hosted the evening from the comfort of his very own lounge room, with judges Wally De Backer (Gotye), Lawrence Leung, and Neil Sanders introducing first, second and third best loops of 2012 respectively. Thank you to them and to Sophie Byrne and Ghost Patrol who helped judge the winners.

The Best Loop of 2012 went to NOAM SUSSMAN for his insane MAD loop,
2nd Best Loop of 2012 went to ANDREW BOWLER for his inventive ROCK loop,
3rd Best Loop of 2012 went to IVAN DIXON for his pee shy LIQUID loop.

The best loop of 2012 is only four seconds long?!! Take that OSCARS!!

You can watch a compilation of the award presentions below.

As a special festive treat we also screened the sensation that isThe 12 Days of Gifmas, initiated by Mel Roach and compiled by the twisted mind of Andrew Onorato. They had to be shown right at the end of the night, for reasons which become obvious when you see Andrew’s Eight Maids a Milking… The crowd reaction was PRICELESS!

The 12 Days of Gifmas.

The massive Fed Square screen in all it’s radiant glory!

Naked Noam, people squirmed in their seats at the camera panned downwards…

Characters from October’s Collaborative Dance-Off took to the stage!
A huge thank you to everyone who got involved in LoopdeLoop in 2012, it was a fantastic year, and 2013 is looking even more exciting!!

ROCK screening wrap up

This month’s theme brought forth an avalanche of forty-nine ROCK loops, and we loved every second of it! An eager mix of industry folks, students and animation fans filled the space, huddled together as they were pelted with rocks of all kinds from all around the globe.

There were a lot of interesting takes on the theme, ranging from gentle rocking motions to rocking out school, and in the end it came down to an audience vote between two of the most creative interpretations we’ve ever received!

Judged as most popular was Mel Roach’s hilarious dinner time conflict between Rocky and Woofy, while the loop chosen as the committee’s favourite was Andrew Bowler’s spectacular rock-painted zoetrope.

It was a close vote but in the end Andrews was the most popular with the audience at the screening, making him our ROCK WINNER!

Next month will be LoopdeLoop’s first birthday so we’ve decided to go with the challenging numerical theme of ONE.

This is a ONE time only opportunity NOT TO BE MISSED!!

Creative folks chatted about all things animation until late in the evening.

Jealous loops watched on as Andrew Bowler’s caveman celebrated his victory.

To see more photos of the event check out the album on our facebook page.