CONDOMS screening wrap up

This was our safest and sexiest screening so far, hosted by Neil with a little help from YEAH representative Felix, who came prepared toting showbags full of prophylactic paraphernalia! The prospect of a screening dedicated to condoms must’ve been enticing because the bar and screening room were crowded with YEAH employees, deviants, animators and combinations of the three.

We changed things up a little with the audience voting from the top five scoring loops on the blog and Daniel Luke was declared our official CONDOMS WINNER, with Tim Merks, Sarah and Lachlan Dean and Marta Tesoro as equal RUNNERS-UP. Daniel’s public service announcement won the audiences hearts with it’s catchy jingle and animated sock puppet, scoring him a lifetimes supply of condoms!

Due to the holiday season the new theme will run over two months, with the screening at the end of January. The theme is CHEESE DREAMS, which demands that we eat cheese, sleep, then animate a loop based on the dream that unfolds!

The audience mingling after the screening.

Our youngest fan learned about contraception, and felt lucky to be alive.

Daniel Luke, super excited about his victorious loop!

To see more photos of the event check out the album on our facebook page.


daniel luke CONDOMS WINNER

created in Melbourne, Australia

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Safe sex advice as sung by a sock.

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