CHEESE DREAMS screening wrap up

We couldn’t have dreamed of a better first screening for 2012 than this, with a fantastic turnout and some cheesy hosting provided by Neil.

The theme resulted in a really interesting mix of submissions, ranging from serious and insightful dream interpretations to catchy and hilarious flights of fancy, and the two finalists were a strong representation of this.

The loop which received the most votes on the blog had an ethereal character being swept through a forest dreamscape and was created by Rabano Studio in Spain, led by Antonio J Busto and Martin Martinez.

The highest rated loop of the month was by Lochie Axon, who created a mind meltingly silly loop of a pink fluffy unicorn dancing on a rainbow. When we put it to an audience vote there was no resisting the sugary sweetness of the unicorn, Lochie was declared the WINNER and did a little Unicorn Victory Dance!

Leading up to the screening people had been making suggestions and voting on what the theme should be for February, and we’re pleased to announce that Mel Roach’s suggestion of IDIOTS was the most popular. This is going to be FUN!!

Some cheesy grins from the audience.

An emotional rollercoaster of dreamy loop action.

Lochie Axon, dancing on victory rainbows!

To see more photos of the event check out the album on our facebook page.