rebecca & belinda HALLUCINATIONS

created in Melbourne, Australia

Visions in Neon! By Belinda Suzette & Rebecca Hayes.
Sound credit – Interlude IV (It Came From Outer Space)” by nisei23

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rebecca hayes CHEESE DREAMS

created in Melbourne, Australia

A cheese induced pre-teen nightmare. A haunting reminder of my inability to braid.

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LAUNCH screening wrap up

We’re pleased to announce that our first screening was a resounding success.
All 50 submissions (that’s right, FIFTY!) were projected onto two screens at Loop, one in the main bar and another in an adjoining screening room.

There was a real buzz of excitement as the 100 plus audience filled the space
and after the initial screening many people stayed late into the evening to chat animation whilst the loops replayed in grids of four.

We announced our two finalists, Rebecca Hayes for ‘highest average score’ and Isobel Knowles for ‘highest number of ratings.’ Their animations were then re-screened and a show of hands from the audience declared Isobel as our official LAUNCH WINNER. Congratulations goes out not only to Isobel and Rebecca, but to everyone involved in this amazing project. This includes all contributors, our committee members, the great people at Loop and of course the audience both at the screening and here online.

With the nerves of our first month past, we now look forward to keeping the momentum rolling with our June theme, Opposites.

A crowd gathered in the screening room, while twice as many enjoyed the show on a second screen out in the main bar.

Animators and friends schmoozed late into the evening whilst the unnatural glow of four loop combos set the mood.

Isobel and Rebecca, proof that winners are indeed grinners.

To see more photos of the event check out the album on our facebook page.