DANCE PARTY screening wrap-up

Join the LoopdeLoop revolution, NOW WITH ADDED DANCE.

We had 100 contributors in all to this project from all over the globe!! It was made with love simply for the joy of collaborative animation, and in that spirit we’d love you to share it too, lets have a WORLD WIDE ANIMATED DANCE PARTY!!

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to this project, and to everyone on the committee for putting in so much of their time to pull this thing off!


FOOD screening wrap up

LoopdeLoop travelled to the land of FOOD for our second ever screening in Hollywood, this time in the red velour comfort of M-Bar. The response to this months theme was literally overwhelming with 126 Loops shown on the night!

Much fun was had at the L.A screening thanks to the hosting talents of James Urbaniak and Megan Nairn. With 42 submissions from the L.A area M-Bar was packed full of animators eager to eat fruitloops while watching food loops.

We had a top shelf judging panel of PEZ, Phil Rynda and Evan Spiridellis, who crowned Anthony Ferraro’s Crying Over Spilt Milk as the winner, while the audience chose Aaron Long and Scout Raskin’s “Join the Soup” as their favourite. Anthony received an iPad mini courtesy of Jibjab while Aaron scored tickets to animation breakdown at Cinefamily.

Meanwhile in Melbourne it was business as usual with a great turnout and fun times aplenty! Daniel Atkinson hosted with equal parts passion and quiet dignity, and the audience chose Adam Duncan’s Hungry Dog as their favourite, earning him a swag of dvds courtesy of MADMAN Entertainment.

So, our little loop baby is growing up into an uncontrollable wild beast!! In order to wrestle control over the almost tripled workload involved in running LoopdeLoop we’re switching over to bi-monthly themes, starting (fittingly) this month with the theme of FRUSTRATION. Check out our theme page for more details.

We think bi-monthly themes will be a great fit in a lot of ways; it’ll allow you more time to make loops and us more time to prepare quality screenings. Every second month we will have screenings in both Melbourne and Los Angeles! We think it’s a win win situation and hopefully you do too!!

James Urbaniak and Megan Nairn, hosting with poise and grace, respectively.

LoopdeLoop is projected before a live studio audience.

Aaron Long and Megan Nairn, winning at life and loops.

To see more photos from the L.A screening check out the album on our facebook page.

BLACK & WHITE screening wrap up

We had another big month here at LoopdeLoop with sixty three loops to show to the die hard animation fans who braved the late autumn chills. If you didn’t make it down for the screening don’t worry! This month’s loops will be resurrected in July, illuminating the walls of the Gertrude Street Projection Festival festival hub!

Andrew Onorato was unable to host due to his extreme ugliness so Ivan Dixon took over the reigns for the night. The finalists were Timothy Merks’ climbing kitty “Oscar the wild”, and Elaine Chen’s lament on the spring weather in Toronto. A show of hands from the audience declared Tim the winner, because everyone loves cats…? Both will receive a prize from Madman Entertainment, and their loops will be featured in the sidebar throughout June.

Following on from G.I.F. month we’ve continued to receive lots of tight little gif loops which has been fantastic, but please bear in mind that we are now screening gifs in a grid of four, with music playing over them and rotating through the loops every twenty seconds. It works well, as each loop has eighty seconds of screen time, there’s less pressure on them to hold the audiences attention individually and their low resolution is less of an issue on screen.

Now on to June and to bring a little colour back into our lives! Junes theme is FOOD and we will be having our second L.A. screening, this time at M-Bar, where we will be bringing all of the senses into the LoopdeLoop audience experience! Viewers will be able to see, hear, smell, taste and even touch the food as they enjoy a meal while watching the screening! THE FUTURE OF CINEMA IS NOW!!
Check out our theme page for more details.

Spooky times in the Land of Loops!

Tim Merks’ nimble cat clawed it’s way to victory!

G.I.F. screening wrap up

For the month of April we teamed with The Incredibly Short Film Festival and dedicated the theme to the glorious art form that is the animated GIF. We were inundated with submissions from all over the world, ending the month with 110 glorious looping GIFs to screen to a large and enthusiastic Melbourne audience.

We changed up the projection of the screening to suit the incredibly short gifs, with music playing as loops screening in a grid of four, rotating the loops through every twenty seconds. It worked well, as each loop had eighty seconds of screen time and less pressure on them to hold the audiences attention individually.

Nathanael Scott hosted the night with aplomb, announcing the finalists as Tom Mathieson’s “Gandhi Ironing Fabric” , and David Martingale’s “Girls Inflating Fish”. A show of hands from the audience declared Tom as the overall winner by a narrow margin. Both will receive a prize from Madman Entertainment, and their loops have been passed on to the organisers of The Incredibly Short Film Festival for consideration, as have all posted loops who’s creators have given their consent.

Now on to May and yet another festival collaboration, this time with the Gertrude Projection Festival. May’s theme is Black & White, as suggested by Andrew Onorato, who will be presenting the May screening at Loop.
Check out our theme page for more details.

Cars, pheasants, snails, and flexing muscle men, what more could you ask for?

Tom Mathieson’s winning loop on screen in good company!

SPORTS screening wrap up

This month animators from around the world trained hard, making some physical specimens of animation in tribute to SPORTS. People arrived at Loop from all over Melbourne, cheering and waving giant foam hands as they watched their way through the month’s submissions.

Nathanael Scott hosted the screening like a champ, until it came time to announce the finalists and things got a little awkward… The finalists were Stephen Eliget and Domenico Bartolo’s Ping Pong Grudge Match, and Nathanael Scott’s own Montage of Personal Sporting Prowess. A show of hands from the audience declared Nathanael as the overall winner and he awkwardly presented himself with the prize… All three walked away with a selection of DVD’s courtesy of MADMAN Entertainment.

March’s theme is going to be FRANTIC!! THERE’S NO TIME TO EXPLAIN!!
Check out our theme page for more details.

Four tough loops join forces and intimidate the masses.

Nath and Nath, giving the fans what they want!

To see more photos of the event check out the album on our facebook page.

HOLLYWOOD screening wrap up

This month LoopdeLoop crossed the Pacific in search of the big time, with our first ever screening in the US of A. We ended up screening a whopping 58 submissions both at Loop in Melbourne and on Hollywood Boulevard at Dim Mak Studios.

The L.A screening ran beautifully, thanks to JibJab and our wonderful committee member Megan Nairn. Megan recently made the move to LA, joining the JibJab team and infecting them with LoopdeLoop fever! JibJab are a digital media company dedicated to making funny things worth sharing, and in that spirit they set up the screening to share LoopdeLoop live with the good people of LA.

Jibjab assembled a panel of celebrity judges (Weird Al Yankovic, Dane Boedigheimer, Alex Hirsch and Jerry Beck) who attended the screening and crowned Phillip Vose’s Hollywood Life Cycle as the month’s winner, while the audience chose Peter Michail’s Batman Montage as their favourite. Both received an iPad mini and will be featured in the sidebar throughout the coming month.

Meanwhile in Melbourne it was business as usual with a great turnout and fun times aplenty! The audience chose Dale Anderson’s Motion Capture Loop as the Australian favourite, earning him a swag of dvds courtesy of MADMAN Entertainment.

And now it’s time to limber up for February’s theme of SPORTS, it’s time for YOU to go out there and WIN AT ALL COSTS!! Check out our theme page for more details.

Evan Spiridellis, warming up the crowd at the L.A screening.

Looping it up in the comfy confines of Dim Mak Studios.

L.A crowd favourite Peter Michail greets his adoring public!


The silly season got a whole lot sillier at Federation Square last night as we celebrated 2012, the Year of the Loop!!

Daniel Atkinson hosted the evening from the comfort of his very own lounge room, with judges Wally De Backer (Gotye), Lawrence Leung, and Neil Sanders introducing first, second and third best loops of 2012 respectively. Thank you to them and to Sophie Byrne and Ghost Patrol who helped judge the winners.

The Best Loop of 2012 went to NOAM SUSSMAN for his insane MAD loop,
2nd Best Loop of 2012 went to ANDREW BOWLER for his inventive ROCK loop,
3rd Best Loop of 2012 went to IVAN DIXON for his pee shy LIQUID loop.

The best loop of 2012 is only four seconds long?!! Take that OSCARS!!

You can watch a compilation of the award presentions below.

As a special festive treat we also screened the sensation that isThe 12 Days of Gifmas, initiated by Mel Roach and compiled by the twisted mind of Andrew Onorato. They had to be shown right at the end of the night, for reasons which become obvious when you see Andrew’s Eight Maids a Milking… The crowd reaction was PRICELESS!

The 12 Days of Gifmas.

The massive Fed Square screen in all it’s radiant glory!

Naked Noam, people squirmed in their seats at the camera panned downwards…

Characters from October’s Collaborative Dance-Off took to the stage!
A huge thank you to everyone who got involved in LoopdeLoop in 2012, it was a fantastic year, and 2013 is looking even more exciting!!

FUTURE screening wrap up

Animators from all around the world have presented us with their wild visions of the future, and we can only hope that none of them turn out to be true! Our audience were confronted with mutation, robots, traffic jams and even Tony Abbott, and we’re proud to say that no one ran from the venue screaming! Ivan Dixon hosted the evening while Drew Evans ran the projection and full credit goes to their handsome faces for keeping everyone calm.

This month we teamed up with Pause Festival, and in the spirit of FUTURE we have a second screening yet to come! A special Pause Festival repeat screening will be held at 9:00pm this coming Friday (Nov 9). The screening is free but bookings are essential. Please click here and follow the link and reserve your place, our premonition is that it’ll be a great night!

Following the Loop screening Ivan announced the finalists as Dale Anderson’s unfortunate fortune teller and Brian Neong San’s hoverboard extravaganza, and a show of hands from the audience declared Dale’s loop the clear winner. A selection of dvd’s will be heading out to both finalists thanks to the wonderful people at MADMAN Entertainment.

We’ve also been running collaborative workshops throughout October which have resulted in fifty-six insane dancing characters which will soon come together into a crazy new promo! Click here to check out the LoopdeLoop Dancers!

November’s screening will be our last for 2012 and we’ve decided to go out with a BANG! We’re teaming up with BANG! Short Film Festival in Nottingham, UK, and along with our regular screening in Melbourne all of the loops accepted before November 20 will be shown on rotation throughout the festival in the cafe/bar of the wonderful Broadway Theatre from the 23rd til the 25th of November!

A future of electronic everything, shiny orbs, future trees, and drawers of goo!

Dale’s fortune teller is the worst of all time, but we love her all the same!

HISTORY screening wrap up

September 2012 should be remembered as the time when animators from all around the world came together to make HISTORY!
well… history themed loops…
It’s the same thing!

There was a great turnout at the screening which was hosted in a smartly casual fashion by the one and only Simone Bennett. During the show the crowd were treated to various history lessons, ranging from epic journeys through time to tiny frozen moments which are doomed to be relived over and over again.

This months finalists were both international;
Jose Juan Siller from Mexico, with his loop about the scientific discovery and repeated taste-testing of LSD, and RAÍZ Motion Design from Spain, with a surreal journey through the endless rise and fall of civilisations. After a show of hands the Spaniards came out on top and have taken their place in history as LoopdeLoop winners! Thanks to MADMAN Entertainment, who once again provided a great bunch of animation DVDs for our finalists!

October is going to be an exciting month as we team up with Pause Digital Festival for the theme of FUTURE, and we’ll also be running a series of drawing nights to make a massive new collaborative dance-off viral LoopdeLoop thing! EXCITING!!
Follow the links in our sidebar to the theme or dance-off pages for more details.

Fancy baths, dinosaurs and executioners, what more could you ask for!

RAÍZ Motion Design’s winning loop brought the city to it’s knees!

MAD screening wrap up

In honour of August’s theme of MAD, the submissions form on our site decided to get wacky and collapse at the critical moment! We fixed the problem and a veritable flood of loops came pouring through. After a sleepless night of compiling, thirty insane and angry loops were unleashed at the Loop screening by a mentally unstable committee member! Megan Nairn graciously stepped in to host and kept Neil safely locked away in the projection booth to everyone’s relief.

The MAD theme was chosen in honour of our new ongoing sponsorship from MADMAN Entertainment, who provided a swag of brilliant animation DVDs as prizes for our finalists. This month it came down to a choice between a frothing dead horse by Timothy Jeffs, and a man with mustachioed starfish delusions by Noam Sussman. Our audience couldn’t resist the lure of a squealing starfish, and Noam was crowned as our first ever Canadian winner!!

September’s theme is HISTORY, and you have our permission to spend the whole month living in the past. Check out our theme page for more details.

A sleepless insane madman running the projection booth at the screening.

Runner-Up Timothy Jeff’s with proof that there’s no need to flog a dead horse,
they can walk just fine on their own!