BLACK & WHITE screening wrap up

We had another big month here at LoopdeLoop with sixty three loops to show to the die hard animation fans who braved the late autumn chills. If you didn’t make it down for the screening don’t worry! This month’s loops will be resurrected in July, illuminating the walls of the Gertrude Street Projection Festival festival hub!

Andrew Onorato was unable to host due to his extreme ugliness so Ivan Dixon took over the reigns for the night. The finalists were Timothy Merks’ climbing kitty “Oscar the wild”, and Elaine Chen’s lament on the spring weather in Toronto. A show of hands from the audience declared Tim the winner, because everyone loves cats…? Both will receive a prize from Madman Entertainment, and their loops will be featured in the sidebar throughout June.

Following on from G.I.F. month we’ve continued to receive lots of tight little gif loops which has been fantastic, but please bear in mind that we are now screening gifs in a grid of four, with music playing over them and rotating through the loops every twenty seconds. It works well, as each loop has eighty seconds of screen time, there’s less pressure on them to hold the audiences attention individually and their low resolution is less of an issue on screen.

Now on to June and to bring a little colour back into our lives! Junes theme is FOOD and we will be having our second L.A. screening, this time at M-Bar, where we will be bringing all of the senses into the LoopdeLoop audience experience! Viewers will be able to see, hear, smell, taste and even touch the food as they enjoy a meal while watching the screening! THE FUTURE OF CINEMA IS NOW!!
Check out our theme page for more details.

Spooky times in the Land of Loops!

Tim Merks’ nimble cat clawed it’s way to victory!


CONDOMS screening wrap up

This was our safest and sexiest screening so far, hosted by Neil with a little help from YEAH representative Felix, who came prepared toting showbags full of prophylactic paraphernalia! The prospect of a screening dedicated to condoms must’ve been enticing because the bar and screening room were crowded with YEAH employees, deviants, animators and combinations of the three.

We changed things up a little with the audience voting from the top five scoring loops on the blog and Daniel Luke was declared our official CONDOMS WINNER, with Tim Merks, Sarah and Lachlan Dean and Marta Tesoro as equal RUNNERS-UP. Daniel’s public service announcement won the audiences hearts with it’s catchy jingle and animated sock puppet, scoring him a lifetimes supply of condoms!

Due to the holiday season the new theme will run over two months, with the screening at the end of January. The theme is CHEESE DREAMS, which demands that we eat cheese, sleep, then animate a loop based on the dream that unfolds!

The audience mingling after the screening.

Our youngest fan learned about contraception, and felt lucky to be alive.

Daniel Luke, super excited about his victorious loop!

To see more photos of the event check out the album on our facebook page.